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Wedding Album Design

Wedding Album Every wedding day is filled with families and friends, faces and smiles, anecdotes and stories, joy and happiness, and, of course, with overwhelming emotions. The eye of the wedding photographer notices everything and his camera captures the facets of the day. Each photograph tells a story, a story of the moment. Sometimes it may even encompass the whole day, as though it compresses the day with its flamboyant events into a single frame. But the ultimate container for the memories is surely the Wedding Album.

The Wedding Album is not a simple collection of the photographs, and even the correctly told story of the wedding day is not the final purpose of the album. The wedding photographer who intimately felt all the intricacies of the wedding day, responded to the emotions of the bride and groom, continues to tell the story of emotions (not simple events) in the wedding album. The ultimate goal is to preserve the memories and the mood of the wedding day.

The photographer becomes the designer, who shapes and forms the wedding album to truthfully reflect the emotions, which filled the day. Additional design effects and ornaments turn the wedding album into a masterpiece, which the joined families will treasure forever.

That's how we feel about the wedding album, and keeping it all in our minds and souls, we try to do our best to make the exquisite and impeccable wedding albums. We strive to make each album unique as the wedding we photographed, and as the people we met. So, we would always be proud of our work.

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We will do our best to aleviate most of the issues that require you attention during the process and help you to make an educated decision in all such situations. The process of creating the album is following:

  • You decide what type of the book you would like to have (cover, color, size, number of pages, etc.)
  • You select the photographs that you would like to see in the album. We can meet or you may use the online capabilities on the website.
  • We start retouching the photographs and apply various digital effects
  • Then we design the pages of the album by placing the photographs and adding design elements to enhance the presentation.
  • We show you the design of the pages (iteratively)
  • Together we review the design and make the final changes
  • We receive your agreement to print the album
  • The album is printed, binded and delivered to you (usually withing 3-4 weeks)

As you can see on the album sample above the album is not a simple task. Each spread (two pages side by side) is designed to tell the story and support the theme, additional elements and effects are added to make the dramatic presentation and ehance the captured feelings of the wedding day. And to create such a powerful custom designed look of your album we charge $100 per spread (two pages), which may include multiple photographs. These photographs will be retouched to remove imperfections and various digital effects will be applied to make them realy stand out. There will be an additional fee (aroun $600) for printing and binding of the album.

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