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Find Out Why Your Search for
The Wedding Photographer
Ends Here!

You wonder: Why us? Here are a dozen reasons why you can stop looking for a wedding photographer — You found The One, who will make everything to make you happy, and whose artistic photographs will comprise all the events of your wedding day along with all its wonderful moments and emotions. These photographs will spellbound your family and all your friends. They will wish that they had such amazing photographs of their wedding.

  1. In Business To Make Clients Happy
  2. Seeing The Moment And Capturing It
  3. Unending Attention & Customer Service
  4. Artistry of Work and Technical Quality
  5. Mixture of Styles: Traditional/Formal and Photojournalism
  6. Flexibility & Convinience
  7. Variety & Multitude
  8. Reliability & Consistency
  9. Photographs Delivered Right After The Honeymoon
  10. High Quality Digital Negatives
  11. Retouched and Digitally Mastered Artist Selection
  12. Online Wedding Gallery
            And More...

1. In Business To Make Clients Happy — Reserve The Wedding Date

The first and foremost reason is that we are here to make you happy, which in its turn makes us happy. we will not stop until you are happy with our services and photographs. we love photography and especially the wedding photography, because the wedding day is filled with happiness and joy. And those emotions are the essence of life we all are looking for. And we strive to preserve and nurture such feelings and emotions, to bring something valuable and wonderful in peoples lives.

If you noticed, the slogan is "Friendly artworks with a smile". We think of our clients as of our friends and want to build strong and friendly relationships with our clients. And we go the extra mile to deliver the exceptional services and fuel the friendship with our clients.

With our services you will stand out among your friends and colleagues - Your photographs will dazzle and amaze!

2. Seeing The Moment And Capturing It — Reserve The Wedding Date

Each wedding has its special and unique moments. And the photojournalistic story of the day wouldn't be complete without those special elements. Otherwise the reality of this wonderful day will be eventually erased in our memory. That's why we are always on the hunt for those situations or simply — the unordinary expressions. Most of the time, such expressions make the difference between a wedding and The Wedding!

And as you can see in the wedding photography galleries we are masters of it. We are always alert and nothing passes unnoticed or dismissed. You can be assured that your wedding will be safely and fully preserved in the photographs.

We dare you to compare our photographs and services with other wedding photographers. How many of the great and amazing moments have they captured? The distinguishing characteristic of our work is that we hunt for and capture many of the amazing moments at each and every wedding.

3. Unending Attention & Customer Service — Reserve The Wedding Date

One of the other things, which we have to mention, is the constantly improving customer service. The client cannot be happy without the appropriate attention and care, that's the simple truth. And we do really care about the clients. It's not only that we worry about the reputation, but anything we do should be done well, or what's the reason to do it at all?

You gave me the attention that I needed before, during and after the wedding.
I feel that you really care about your clients and it shows in your work.

Elizabeth Centofante
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We do our best to pay attention to all the wishes and worries of our clients - before, during and after the wedding. And it worth adding that the time we spent with the bride and groom before the wedding, when we get to know each other better, pays off. The established relationship allows us to be more comfortable in each other's company, and it shows in the photographs.

You want something we failed to mention or invent? Just tell us what you want and we will deliver! Don't lock your imagination in the cage of customary thinking.

4. Artistry of Work and Technical Quality — Reserve The Wedding Date

The years of studying photography and polishing the art embedded those skills and vision in our blood, if not into the DNA. We don't spend time thinking about what and how to make the photograph, we simply see and take the shot. There is no time for a doubt or hesitation, the moments quickly pass by.

Creativity is another advantage you get by working with us. There is something constantly "cooking" in our minds. The objects, people and mood are combined in harmonic ways, which allow us to produce new and fresh photographs each time.

To ensure the quality the wedding photographer needs professional equipment. And we do not cut the corners here, we have one of the best and most reliable sets of professional Canon photo gear.

The professional digital equipment, the mastered photography skill and calm alert approach to the event ensures that our clients could easily rely on us and receive one of the best products on the market. The top of the line cameras, lens and other gear allow us to easily adapt and successfully work in any environment or situation. Nor rain or dim light will prevent us from taking great photographs and delivering you the highest quality possible.

5. Mixture of Styles: Traditional/Formal and Photojournalism — Reserve The Wedding Date

To better suit the wide spectrum of the client needs, we easily accommodate the mixture of styles: photojournalism and formal shots. Since the latest trends as well as our own preference tend to incline to unobtrusive and more relaxed approach, we specialize in photojournalism, or in candid photography. Nevertheless we use the traditional portraiture techniques in the photojournalism. You may wonder how it is possible.

The study of the light, posing and expressions in studio portraiture (when the people are posed) helps us pick the moment and place, when most, if not all, of the elements seamlessly fall into a beautiful photograph. Though this doesn't impose any restrictions on the people we photograph, so we blend in with the environment and sometimes it seems like we are invisible.

6. Flexibility & Convinience — Reserve The Wedding Date

Flexibility is one of our major goals. It applies to all aspects of the work and style. We do not impose any industry standards, rules or patterns. Everything is done to address your needs and satisfy your desires. Do you want to jump from a plane and have the pictures taken? Or what about rock climbing? Any kind of unusual and extreme wedding is welcomed — you've got your unusual and extreme wedding photographer!

Our flexibility is not only in the big gestures, it starts in the attitude towards the wedding day schedule and smallest requirements and wishes of the bride and groom. We will be glad to consider any of your ideas and make your dreams come true.

For our clients our flexibility means Convinience. We throw away the rigid approach of doing the business and easily accomodate the client's needs and wishes. Do you want to meet at your home, where you are most comfortable? Or the design of the wedding album is not what you expected and you want to change it? No problem, we will do it! Just ask and we deliver!

7. Variety & Multitude — Reserve The Wedding Date

Every wedding is unique and the people who attend it also. The same could be said about the places, decorations and flow of events. With this flexible approach you can expect wide variety angles and artistic styles in your photographs. We take our work seriously and will not sit and wait for something to happen, so we could take a photograph. We constantly search for different perspectives and ways to compose the pictures to create the broad, though unique look at your wedding. We make it happen.

The latest achievements in the digital photography relieve the photographer from worries about the storage space (i.e. the rolls of film). So, we concentrate on the flow of the day. When this is combined with our constant hunt for the great shot, we make a lot of photographs during the day. And we really mean it. The average number of photographs we deliver to the bride after the wedding is around 1500 (fifteen hundred).

This number is not just a bunch of low quality shots. By the time you get these photographs, we have already removed the bad ones and duplicates. So, you get the photographs, which we can be proud of and you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

8. Reliability & Consistency — Reserve The Wedding Date

The numerous weddings and photography assignments proved that we deliver consistent and reliable results even in such unpredictable events as weddings. With us you can be assured that your one-in-the-lifetime event will be safely recorded and delivered to you in magnificent photographs.

Such reliability is achieved by using backup equipment and downloading the photographs to the laptop right at the wedding. It also allows us to run a slideshow right after the wedding and present you with just taken photographs.

We value your trust and business, and that's why we pay extra attention to the safety of our clients, photographs and the environment around us. To further prove the reliability and earn your trust we offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee - if you are not completely satisfied with our services or products we will return your money back. Read the wedding photography agreement to learn more.

9. Photographs Delivered Right After The Honeymoon — Reserve The Wedding Date

We understand that after your honeymoon you will want to enjoy the photographs as soon as possible. Moreover, most probably you would like to get the proof that the precious moments of your wedding are safely captured. That's why we start working on your photographs right away.

Within the first week right after the wedding your photographs will be reviewed, filtered out and burned onto DVD. So, when you return from the honeymoon you will be able to see the full beauty and grandeur of the most significant day of your lives right away.

Our clients compliment the efficiency and performance of our work. And the speed will never undermine the quality of our work.

10. High Quality Digital Negatives — Reserve The Wedding Date

The photographs you receive are the high-resolution JPEGs, which could be printed at any of digital lab or photography shop. Along with the photographs you will receive a digital slideshow of selected and digitally mastered photographs, which could be viewed on a regular DVD player.

Others would say that we give away our work and potential profit. However we value the flexibility and options our clients receive with the digital negatives. The photographs could be printed, framed, used on a website or presented to your friend in any possible format.

11. Retouched and Digitally Mastered Artist Selection — Reserve The Wedding Date

The wedding photography package is not limited to the high resolution photographs and digital slideshow. To some of the photographs we give our special attention. We select the most artistic and stylish photographs and do our magic, so your wedding photographs will turn into masterpieces.

The photographs we select go through several stages of post-processing. We correct the color and exposure of each of the photographs. Then, if necessary, we retouch them to remove imperfections, so people in the photograph would look their best. And finally we apply digital effects to turn your wedding into a fairytale. Our skills in post-processing allow us to enhance the mood, brighten the colors, convert into black and white and capture the viewers eye, so the photographs would really touch the souls of people.

12. Online Wedding Gallery — Reserve The Wedding Date

In the age of the Internet and digital technology, the package would not be complete without an online gallery to proudly present the best photographs of your wedding. So, your family and friends could enjoy and remember the wedding day with you.

And More...

This list doesn't exhaust everything we do or deliver. For instance, we just briefly mentioned the engagement session, where we create a series of magnificent photographs of the bride and groom. So, you would also remember the last months before the wedding.

And you can always extend the basic package with additional options, such as the wedding album, destination wedding, honeymoon photography and others.

Though we have to add that our schedule is based on "first booked, first served" basis. And to guarantee our services and the price on your date, you should reserve the date now. Some people book the weddings for one or even two years ahead.

In case if you want read more about our approach, you can find more answers in "Frequently Asked Questions" page or read the article "Spirit of Wedding Photographer". [end of the text]